Moroccan tagine Agadir


Moroccan tagine Agadir 34 cm glazed & hand-painted tagine cook for 4-6 people casserole clay pot hand-made from Morocco


“Tajine Agadir 34 cm”
… the casserole for the full, culinary kitchen …! After a long research, we have selected the “Agadir” casserole for you, which is made exclusively from fireproof red clay in a traditional way. The “Agadir” tagine is a casserole of first choice with tested quality. Clay and glaze are fired at 1180°C and fused together, the glaze then forms a smooth, non-porous surface, allowing it to withstand high temperatures. Both the glaze and the colors used are lead-free and food-safe: – Whether in the oven, on the plate or on the charcoal grill, the “Agadir” tagine is an ideal casserole for many dishes –

Diameter: approx. 34 cm x Height: approx. 25 cm
A notice:
The paintings on this tajine are different, so that each piece is absolutely unique. Color or pattern deviations from the illustration are therefore possible. Improper use may cause cracks. Please understand that we cannot assume any liability for this!
Tagines for cooking must be treated before first use: here you can download detailed instructions for use.


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